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Your own private sauna and wellness center

A unique relaxation where time doesn't exist


  • A unique location near the coast, in all seasons?
  • With never seen before facilities and experiences according to your expectations?


Enjoy your private sauna center without any time limits. Everything will be reserved only for you,  for 22 hours up to 1 week.  

With a  private jacuzzi, private sauna (automatic sessions!), infrared, mezzanine lounge and a living room with a fireplace.


With a sound & image system that's better than the one you'll find at Kinepolis and colors you can choose yourself. You only have to push on the button once.


These facilities offer you a perfect relaxation, in winter, autumn, spring and summer.
The weather at Sea Nooz will always be perfect, on any day in the year. 


Getting completely absorbed by your favorite music or film?
The digital Blue Ray sound system and film projector will offer you an ultimate private cinema experience, even better than Kinepolis can offer. 


Changing the color of the interior? 
With only one button, you can choose any color for your private sauna.


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