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Private massage cocoon

Your own massage room with comfortable seats


Would you like to relax without any time limits? Would you like to stay on the massage table for as long as you want? 
In an oasis of tranquility? In absolute privacy with loved ones? It's possible! 

Relax in the comfortable seats of your massage cocoon with your partner, family member or a friend. 

Every massage cocoon is different and offers its own unique atmosphere. 

We will start our massages with an intake conversation in your private massage cocoon. Every body is unique and everyone has different preferences. Like the perfume of the essential oil, the intensity of the massage, ... This is why every massage is personalized and unique. 

This is why Nooz is the ideal location to experience a massage for the first time or the best quality in Europe.

Our offer: smell, hear, feel, taste just the way you want it

  • Privacy: a private massage cocoon at your disposal.
  • Inclusive: always included in all massage experiences
  • A unique peaceful setting
  • Discreet: a respectful and discreet service to offer you a cosy moment. Even when it's your first time or if you come with your mother, a colleague, a friend, ...
  • Time: relax together in your private massage cocoon before and after the massage
  • Quality: years of research, no more than 3 massages per day and our Nooz Academy will guarantee unique experiences according to your expectations.




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