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Sound & Light - an abstract journey

A mysterious journey of relaxation with Sound&Light


Imagine: a journey with a loved one with pure nature sounds and synchronized lights. 

You'll reach your own holiday destination in a few minutes. It will be the holiday of your dreams! And don't forget ... no traffic jams, not having to wait in airports, ...

Even better. You can choose how, where and for how long you can lie together to experience Sound & Light. You can get this experience in your private cocoon or even outside in the garden.

It's a surprising trip you can share with a loved one. You'll choose the same destination.


Our offer: hear and see just the way you want it

  • An oasis of tranquility
  • Share: enjoy  with your partner, friends, family or colleague.
  • Unique: choose your destination with a menu of what you can see and hear.
  • Seeing: experience a light programme with special light glasses.
  • Hearing: listen intensely to beautiful sounds, synchronized with the light.
  • Time: your journey as long as you want. 

TIP: Relaxing afterwards is always included in the Duo Quatre-Mains Massage Lounge.  

TIP: you can always add this experience to your relaxation package.




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