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Hide away - pure tranquility in the forest

Get away completely from all the stress


Imagine: a lovely walk in your dressing gown in the private Nooz domain. You'll find an untouched part of the forest, where trees can grow and birds can fly freely.  A real private forest - 2 ha of pure nature.

Where you don't see any houses and don't hear any traffic.
Where there is no stress and where you'll forget the daily stress easily.
Where you can reach nature without having to use walking shoes or rubber boots.


In the Nooz Hide Away, you'll forget reality for a brief moment:

  • You can relax in a comfortable reclining seat in an open spot in the forest.
  • Listen to the leaves, the bird songs, the squirrels running around.
  • You'll smell, hear and see  majestic trees around you.
  • The purest and most authentic nature experience
  • The perfect way to feel reborn.
  • Easily accessible by the trail in the Nooz forest.




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