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Private design pavilion

A unique design with private bathroom facilities in the middle of nature


You're looking for only the best? Always together in a private setting? More exclusive than the top resorts in the world? 
The private pavilion will offer you a complete sensory experience: 11 meter of glass walls, in a green and peaceful oasis, beautiful architecture, heated floors, any color you like, the sublime sound system, a gigantic duo shower, ...


In the middle of nature? According to your expectations? Together in absolute privacy? 
Be amazed by the infinite panorama of the trees and the sky. The birds, the rain and the wind will offer you a unique dimension.  
Close or open all the glass walls? Cooler or warmer? A darkened room or a view of the sky? Everything is personalized according to the weather and your expectations. The weather is always nice at Nooz!


Without a watch? 
At Nooz, you can relax before and after at your own speed. Dark Eye will offer you to possibility to continue your relaxation after the massage for as long as you want. Be amazed by the pure nature. Take a timeless journey with all your senses.


A unique duo shower experience?  
Thanks to the big glass walls, you can choose to take a duo shower inside or outside. The sound & lights will even reach the shower.


Getting completely absorbed by your favorite music or film? 
The top sound system and the film projector will offer you a sublime sound & image quality for an ultimate private cinema experience. Bring you favorite music or films (CD, DVD or iPOD) and enjoy the amazing quality. 
(Film projector only in combination with the private cinema experience in our relaxation packages with an overnight stay)


Changing the color of the interior? 
With only one button, you can choose any color for your pavilion. 

Our offer: smell, hear, feel, taste just the way you want it

  • Privacy: a private design pavilion with private bathroom facilities and private terraces at your disposal.
  • Ultramodern bathroom facilities, including a giant duo shower
  • Floor heating, air conditioning, soft floor
  • Fridge: beverages at rational prices
  • Only one button is needed to change the color of your pavilion.
  • A sublime sound & image system. Thanks to the private cinema experience, your pavilion will become a fully equipped private cinema room.
  • Unique: beautiful architecture, atmosphere and multimedia
  • Time: relax together in your private design pavilion before and after the massage.





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