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Forest Teppanyaki - a private dinner in your own forest

The ultimate teppanyaki experience, in your private forest


An ultimate forest teppanyaki experience? Enjoying a private experience with your partner, friends, family, colleagues or clients in the middle of the forest?  A unique outdoor dinner experience in every season, in all weather conditions?

Imagine: you'll find a beautiful private spot. Enjoy a royal teppanyaki experience when you want it. In the mean time, have some nice conversations in the reclining seats. It will be an experience for your ears, nose, eyes, mouth and skin you never experienced before.  


In combination with Mystic Water, this experience is perfect in all weather conditions. Even when it's cold or when it rains, you'll have an unforgettable experience.  


We'll prepare everything to stimulate your senses because a Nooz relaxation is a private and timeless experience. 


Our offer: smell, hear, see, feel, taste and experience everything together just the way you want it

  • Always: a unique experience in every season and under all weather conditions 
  • Share: up to 6 people  - with your partner, friends, family or colleagues.
  • Privacy: a forest of 1 ha with an infinite view of nature.
  • Hearing: mysterious music or your own favorite music
  • Seeing: atmosphere candles and a peaceful forest setting
  • Per 2 people: a bottle of wine (75cl - different wines available) or 1 liter of fresh fruit cocktail is included. 
  • You can choose: meat, fish or a vegetarian dish
  • You can choose between different vegetables
  • You can choose between different sauces
  • Prepared carefully by chefs Erwin and Stin (Dennenberg)




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