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Water Oasis - a luxurious relaxation in all seasons

Stimulate all your senses in a unique and playful way


You're looking for an exclusive outdoor experience, even when it rains or when it's cold?
You want to (re)discover water with all your senses?
Enjoying hot water experiences and comfortable lounge seats in your private garden, with a nice fireplace?
100% private, only you and your company?
Book our exclusive private water garden of more than 1500 m². It will be a stimulation for all of your senses: water experiences, fresh air, beautiful nature, nice architecture and a few outdoor games. An absolute private setting, with your partner, a friend, family, colleagues and nobody else.
Imagine: a stimulation for all of your senses, in the fresh air, in all weather conditions and in absolute privacy. Enjoy the lovely warmth of the jacuzzi. Dream away in the lounge seats or design furniture, with a panoramic view of the lake. Listen to the water fountain and mysterious music. Enjoy the exclusive garden architecture, created by Karlien Heremans.
Discover a special tale and a spectacular water and color show.
Play a unique Fortune Duck game and/or a life size four-in-a-row game with your partner, friend, family or colleague.
Water Oasis will let you discover your senses in a playful way at an exclusive location in the middle of a private forest.
You'll enjoy delicious snacks en beverages, the nature, the water and the mysterious colors around you.
We'll prepare everything to stimulate your senses because a Nooz relaxation is a private and timeless experience.

Extra: add to your relaxation package the unique Lounge Teppanyaki experience, a private dinner in your private Water Oasis.
Our offer: smell, hear, see, feel, taste and experience everything together just the way you want it 
  • Always: Water Oasis is a unique experience in every season and under all weather conditions.
  • Share: up to 6 people  - with your partner, friends, family or colleagues.
  • Privacy: an exclusive garden of 1500m² in the middle of nature
  • Hearing: the sounds of the fountain with mysterious music
  • Seeing: a unique garden with a pond and beautiful colors 
  • Feel: a nice heat source in the open air at a temperature you can choose yourself 
  • Tasting: you can choose your favorite snacks and beverages (wine, champagne or fresh fruit cocktail)  
  • Play: a life size four-in-a-row game and a unique Fortune Duck game
TIP: add Water Oasis to your relaxation package. This is a huge recommendation for every relaxation package.




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