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Personal message - your own photos and message

Surprise your fellow traveler with a personalized message


Would you like a personal message in your private space? Entirely according to your expectations? 
It's possible!


An image says more that a thousand words. Strong images, warm words, a silent message: a nice way to thank or congratulate someone. You can keep your NOOZ personal message, including 4 unique magnets, as a souvenir. 
What a surprise: you'll see your own message, photo, pinned with 4 unique magnets on an unexpected moment! 
NOOZ will  entirely personalize your message according to your expectations:

  • Choose your own photos. 
  • Choose your own message.


TIP: You're looking for a nice gift or you want to continue your relaxation at home? 
You can order these unique magnets or other items from our LangPlezier collection here. 




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