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Dark Eye - continue your relaxation after your Massage

An intense journey filled with perfumes and sounds


Imagine: you feel the presence of a loved one nearby, you hear relaxing music, you smell delicious perfumes you've chosen yourself. 
We eliminate 2 senses so your other senses will experience much more: choose how you will be lying next to each other, choose your perfumes and you'll hear intense sounds. 

The Dark Eye experience is unique and entirely "Made by Nooz".


Our offer: smell, hear and feel just the way you want it

  • Share: enjoy  with your partner, friends, family or colleague.
  • Smell: choose your favorite essential oils.
  • Hearing: you'll hear specially chosen music on a sublime sound system.
  • Time: your journey as long as you want.
  • Intense: no stimulation of taste or vision ... your other senses will work more intensely. 


TIP: relaxing afterwards is always included in the experiences duo massage lounge and duo massage superb.




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