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Private Cinema - Kinepolis from your bed

Your own private cinema room will become reality!


Getting completely absorbed by your favorite music or film?
Enjoy our sublime private cinema experience while relaxing in bed. 
The digital Blue Ray sound system with High End Klipsch speakers and an HD film projector will offer you the perfect private cinema experience, even better than Kinepolis can offer. A 1080 HD resolution for sublime images and an HD sound system for pure digitals sounds. 
Choose your own film. You don't have to leave early to get a good seat ... no waiting in line. You can enjoy the movie like you want to: with or without clothes, in dressing gowns, with delicious snacks, ... together! 
Even better: the use is always included in the price of your relaxation package with an overnight stay.
You want to see the movie you really like? Bring your own (Blu Ray) DVD's.
Our offer: hear, see, feel, taste an experience everything just the way you want it
  • Freedom: you decide what and how
  • Hearing: the best Blue Ray NAD sound system with High End Klipsch speakers
  • Seeing:  an HD projector and an impressive screen (2,1 m diagonal)
  • Tasting: delicious snacks are included
  • Feel: in the imagine cocoon, you'll feel the movie.
  • Atmosphere: relax in bed with your favorite colors
  • Lie down or sit like you want to




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