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Personal gift - unique and entirely Nooz …

Surprise your fellow traveler with a unique and personalized gift


Would you like to invite your partner, friend, colleague, family for a unique Nooz experience? Would you like to offer a lot of enjoyment during your stay? Would you like to do this personally and in a unique way? 

Imagine: you'll receive a delicious wine in a beautiful bottle with your personal message. 

Taste the wine together and be surprised by the sublime quality of the Château Ricardelle.


The bottle is a unique chandelier, so after drinking it, you can still enjoy it. The chandelier will contain a message for you.  


The atmosphere will create a lot of enjoyment ...


What do you want to offer? 
"Jij maakt mij bijzonder"
A very surprising strong rosé wine with a dry taste and a pronounced aftertaste that lasts. Subtle fruits with shades of spices and butter in the aroma and the aftertaste. Fish and meat dishes.

"Jij doet mij blozen"
An intense aroma, with spices and a touch of red fruits. The red wine has been stored in oak barrels.

"Jij brengt mij kleur"
Top quality Château Ricardelle white 


Our offer: smell, hear, feel, taste and experience everything together just the way you want it.

  • Unique: a wine with a message
  • Personal: add a personalized message
  • Tasting: a high quality Château Ricardelle wine
  • Seeing: a unique chandelier with a candle that last very long
  • Smell: delicious perfumes of wine from the south of France





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