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Floating Bath - a surprising stimulation of all your senses in a beautiful indoor bath

Float in your luxurious bath with a unique view of the forest


You're looking for a unique water experience?  
You want to enjoy a pure relaxation in a real forest?
Would you like to float around with all your senses?


Experience intense hot water in our gigantic Floating Bath. With nobody else around, in a peaceful forest. 

In the mean time, enjoy  our luxurious reclining seats and relax in the lovely water bed. 

A unique indoor water experience but still in the middle of pure nature.

All this is possible in the Forest Lodge, a unique private suite in the middle of the forest. 

You want green, red or another color

You want to see how you can float on waves of light?  
It's possible! Create your favorite color in the Forest Lodge

Even better: enjoy a 'Live in Concert' experience like in a real movie theater, in your floating bath. With an impressive screen (2,5 m diagonal). Just the way you want it.




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