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NOOZ Duo Massage Lounge

An unforgettable journey for all of your senses, together in all privacy


Is it your first time or have you done this already many times? 
Would you like to share a perfectly synchronized and ritmic duo massage in a private cocoon with 1 or 2 loved ones?
Do you want to stay on you massage table afterwards with a  journey filled with perfumes and sounds? In your own private massage cocoon or the unique private design pavilion?

Enjoy with 1 or 2 loved ones and experience a perfect relaxation in your private massage cocoon or private design pavilion with comfortable seats. You'll enjoy the relaxing aroma massage together. Perfectly synchronized massages on music. In an absolute private and peaceful setting. 
With the Nooz Dark Eye experience, you'll add a journey filled with perfumes and sounds to your duo massage. 
A unique experience in a comfortable massage cocoon or unique private design paviljion with an extra 11 meter glass walls, endless private view of nature, private toilet and terraces and also a mega 2 person shower!

The duo massage is unique, entirely "Made by Nooz", recognizable by the 5DIM DUO. 
The duo massage offers much more than just getting a massage next to each other. Everything is adapted to our culture and can be shared. 
During an intake conversation, we'll find out all your preferences: perfumes, intensity of the massage, music, ... 
This makes this massage a unique and complete experience for all of your senses, entirely according to your expectations.
Our offer: smell, hear, feel and experience everything together just the way you want it.
  • Private: you have your own private massage cocoon or the unprecedented private design pavilion with an extra 11 meter glass walls, endless private view of nature, private toilet and terraces and also a mega 2 person shower.
  • 5DIM-DUO: made by Nooz and unique in the world: relax with your partner, a friend, family, a colleague, ...
  • Long: the Nooz Dark Eye experience will extend your massage in a unique way. 
  • Discreet: a respectful and discreet service to offer you a cosy moment. Even when it's your first time or if you come with your mother, a colleague, a friend, ...
  • Quality: years of research, no more than 3 massages per day and our Nooz Academy will guarantee unique experiences according to your expectations.
  • Essential oils: choose a massage oil with your favorite perfume . Your skin will smell very nice for a very long time.
  • All movements of our duo massage are perfectly synchronized. This strengthens the relationship because you experience exactly the same as the person next to you. Every experience is unique because every person is unique.
  • Dressing gowns, towels, essential oils and water are always included.
  • Clarity: our massages never have an erotic aspect and any such request will be ignored.
  • You're looking for something that's more exclusive than the top resorts? With private bathroom facilities, private terraces and a private gigantic duo shower? Book the private design pavilion.
  • Would you like to add a private sauna experience? Also book the Private Outdoor Sauna.
  • Would you like to extend the unique Duo Massage Lounge and experience 2 and 4 hands? Also book the Duo Massage Superb.
  • Would you like to learn what your partner enjoyed the most? Also book the Learn Together experience.
  • Would you like to enjoy a lovely hot water experience for a very long time? In our private forest? Also book the the Mystic Water experience.
  • Would you like a delicious brunch with a sublime view of nature? Also book the Panoramic brunch.
  • There will be 3 people? Book the Massage-à-trois

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  • Enjoy  a duo massage with your partner, friend, family, colleague, ...
  • Offer a gift at a loved one for a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's day, a new born child, a wedding anniversary, a wedding gift, Christmas, New Year, after an illness, or just for no reason.
  • A relaxation voucher with Duo Massage or Massage-à-trois: always an original idea.




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