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Imagine Lounge

Enjoy the panoramic photo wall


A lovely overnight stay that stimulates all your senses in absolute privacy and panoramic photos? Taking an Imagine Bath together on the patio in all intimacy and privacy?
The Imagine Lounge offers a unique holiday feeling close to Antwerp: an impressive nature photo of 48 m², an HD Blue ray system for a sublime cinema experience, a private patio with an outdoor bath, a marvelous rain shower, colors you choose, ...

Private Cinema experience
Enjoy our sublime private cinema experience while relaxing in bed.  
The digital Blue Ray sound system with High End Klipsch speakers and an HD film projector will offer you the perfect private cinema experience, even better than Kinepolis can offer. A 1080 HD resolution for sublime images and an HD sound system for pure digitals sounds. 
Your favorite colors
You want green, red or another color in your cocoon? To be floating on waves of light? 
It's possible! The atmosphere in your private cocoon will be exactly as you want it. 
Even better! Choose the perfume, the music, the beverages, the movie, ... all sensory aspects according to your expectations. 
An ultimate private candlelight dinner in your cocoon for all of your senses? Or maybe a private candlelight dinner 'live in concert' with the Private Dinner Superb experience?
You don't need a watch. You don't have to get up in the morning. Your Panoramic Brunch will be served when you want it.
Tip: Would you like a beautiful view of the garden and a green oasis? A gigantic duo shower? A beautiful architecture? The best outdoor experience ever? Book our private design pavilion.
Our offer: hear, see, smell, feel, taste and experience everything  just the way you want it 
  • Privacy: a private beach patio, a private bathroom, ...
  • Interior: a unique atmosphere with nice surprises
  • Tranquility: relaxing in a green and peaceful oasis
  • Perfectly darkened
  • Seeing: choose your favorite color
  • Smell: choose from our menu of pure essential oils
  • Tasting: a Nooz private dinner, a candlelight dinner in your own sleeping cocoon
  • Feel: a thermostat to always get the correct temperature
  • Fridge: beverages at rational prices
  • Freedom: have your breakfast when you wake up
  • All-in: you don't have to bring anything. 
  • Tv, radio, cd player, iPOD
  • When reserving Private Cinema and Private Dinner Superb: the best sound & image system ever
Tip: Would you like to experience the ultimate private candlelight dinner in your sleeping cocoon? It's possible! Add Nooz Private Dinner (Plus/Superb) to your relaxation package.




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